If Music Videos Could Kill, 2013 Would Be Summer of Sam

If Music Videos Could Kill, 2013 Would Be Summer of Sam

Music videos are as exciting as they ever were. They’re killing it right now as if it were Summer of Sam. The platform has changed (pouring one out for you, MTV), but the quality has not. Month after month I find myself gawking at a barrage of colors, filters, and the occasional narrative (Spike Jonze,...
Lil' Kim & Tiffany Foxx "twisted" Miley Cyrus' arm in the worst video of 2013

Lil’ Kim & Tiffany Foxx “twisted” Miley Cyrus’ arm in the worst video of 2013

The other day I was introduced to T.Foxx or better Tiffany Foxx via a terrible video on youtube. I thought she merited my time since she is after all “Lil’ Kim’s new artist” but then I realized that meant NOTHING AT ALL. lol. (video all the way at the bottom of this post — same...
Smoke Bombs: a spike lee joint (video)

Smoke Bombs: a spike lee joint (video)

me and the homies lighting some smoke bombs on a roof. this road trip has been fucking awesome. haha. I was behind the camera givin’ commentary and shit, you know. -antwan.

RIDIC: New Mexico Cop in Uniform Caught Having Sex On The Hood Of His Car!

I mean I feel like we’ve all been in positions of just “being a squirrel trying to get a nut”, but umm, this is a little ridiculous. Haha. I mean, this officer didn’t even try to conceal the fact that he was a New Mexico State Police Officer — muh-fucka kept his utility belt on...

OLD SCHOOL JAM: The Pharcyde – “Drop”

Wow…. I stumbled upon this gem around 3:30am last night and it has been on repeat since.  I love the part  where Adrock makes a little cameo.  ENJOY. Look out for more of my posts. BTW my name is EDWIN

VIDEO: James Blake “The Wilhelm Scream”

The internet has been all a buzz with this kid. But this time, it actually lives up to the hype. Check out James Blake’s self-titled debut EP, out today.

TUNEZ: Adele wants “Someone Like You”

I have a new crush, Adele has truly stolen my heart. I mean, that kinda voice at 22, **jaw drop**.. I know Chris posted about this song a few months ago, but I don’t care, I’m doing it again. Plus this video really just takes you there..(I’m corny). Gosh, to think this was recorded live...

Tunez: Young Galaxy x Cloud Nothings

Another delightful outfit out of the what seems to be never ending provider of good music, Montreal. Young Galaxy make soothing dream pop. For their third full length album, Shapeshifting (out February 8th), YG makes an intentional hard turn into new musical territory, pushing aside their “shoegazier” tendencies for a crisper electronic sound. You can...

VIDEO: Toro Y Moi “Still Sound”

VIDEO: Crystal Castles feat. Robert Smith “Not in Love”