MAD DECENT Block Party 2011 x NYC x 35mm

^ that’s Sabel ya’ll. that’s my girl right there. Saturday I was at the Mad Decent Block Party from start until finish. I nearly died at the end as my body was ceasing to function due to heat exhaustion. If you don’t believe me, ask Igor, Mr. DrivenByBoredom, who offered to photograph me if I...

Photographer I Love: Jem Goulding

My chance encounter with photographer/videographer/poet Jem Goulding about a month ago in Williamsburg has forever changed the way I look at images. Not only is she one of the kindest people I have ever come across, she is also by far one of the most talented. Her gaze on men rivals that of any other...

a south philly carnival.

Gimme MAO, Gimme MAO: a chelsea story


all the pretty boys #2: Dominique Hollington

Dominique Hollington is a New York model with DNA. His face is fresh and he seems to be doing really well for himself, landing awesome campaigns with United Colors of Benetton, PUMA, and Gap. I dunno what it is about the dude, but he’s compelling and has an awesome awesome honest smile. I took notice...

Photographer I Love: Justin Maxon

suck face, drunk face, no face [a weekend in 35mm]

Editorial Lust: A Flirt in a Skirt x T Magazine (NY Times)

Editorial Lust: A Flirt in a Skirt x T Magazine (NY Times)

Marvelous, just marvelous.

SXSW #1: TV on the Radio x Smith Westerns x Converse!

LINDA VOJTOVA  + the afterparty!

LINDA VOJTOVA + the afterparty!


Since Antwan gets to push his tastes in women on all of you guys I figured I should push my tastes in men as well. For all the ladies, you finally get some eye candy to swoon over now! Up first, Sid Ellison, doe-eyed brit up-and-coming male model extraordinaire.

thru the eyes of Italian stylist Silva Bergomi

I’m a big fan of Dazed&Confused Magazine, so of course when I saw em on Twitter I had to follow em…The links they post and the stories told on Dazed Digital are always souch awesome, fun, and interesting reads so when I came across the intimate and beautifully recorded images of stylist Silva Bergomi I...