road trips is the shit.

  Ken and I are on a little road trip. We have been traveling since the end of Art Basel Miami Beach and headed to ??? I can’t tell you because I don’t want you all in my business. Above are Georgia and Roxanne. We lit smoke bombs in this warehouse. It was fun! Me...
Smoke Bombs: a spike lee joint (video)

Smoke Bombs: a spike lee joint (video)

me and the homies lighting some smoke bombs on a roof. this road trip has been fucking awesome. haha. I was behind the camera givin’ commentary and shit, you know. -antwan.

READ: E.A.R.L. x The Autobiography of DMX

Most of my friends have not read this gem, I guess because well it’s the autobiography of DMX…which for me was the main reason I decided to check it out. The book is fantastic, DMX is such a cool ass dude man. DMX has always been a favorite of mine, even when I was younger...

35mm: Go Go! Get It! Get It!


35mm: Can you Dig it? x Austin, Tx

Too hi and too drunk to type much more. Enjoy!

I’m in Texas for a month x Fun Fun Fun Fest

Sup ya’ll. I’m in Texas for a month, Austin to be exact and it’s also the start of FunFunFun Fest today, I’m stoked. Expect a bunch of updates and shit. The weather is crisp and sunny, I love it. How do you like that hat? It was one of those compulsive buys right before I...


OMG. I love all of these rings!  I wish I had more fingers and didn’t have to pay rent for a couple of months so I could afford to have them all in my possession.  I met the founder and head designer Erin a couple of months ago and I’ve been drooling over the rings...

Blue Lagoon x Endless Summer x Pine Barrens [35mm]

Don’t Try this at Home: Removing a your own hernia…

the jist: a 63-year-old man does not like the hernia poking out of his stomach. he decides he is qualified to remove it with a BUTTER KNIFE…he is not a physician, he is not a med-student. officials on the scene said that while waiting for the paramedics, ol’ dude pulls the butter knife out, again,...

brooklyn heat: a backyard bbq.


easy as lovers go x 4th of July x 35mm

Last Summer: 35mm images from an Adidas Soccer Game.