THAT'S RAD: Kevin Munoz x Graphic Designer/Artist

THAT’S RAD: Kevin Munoz x Graphic Designer/Artist

I met Kevin Munoz during my time in Austin, Texas this past month. I was with Ian and we were looking for the wine that was at the opening, typical. Anyway, Kevin was there, we talked a little about random shit, crackin’ jokes and such and he gave me his card. I checked it out,...


OMG. I love all of these rings!  I wish I had more fingers and didn’t have to pay rent for a couple of months so I could afford to have them all in my possession.  I met the founder and head designer Erin a couple of months ago and I’ve been drooling over the rings...

DESIGN: Hyderabad House x Rajiv Saini & Associates

Daily Inspiration: Artist x Matt Golden x Antique Picture Frame Chairs

Daily Inspiration: Artist x Matt Golden x Antique Picture Frame Chairs

Matt Golden lives and works in London; he is also a musician. This project, titled “Maverick” consists of a series of chairs made from antique, old picture frames. Such a simple yet beautiful idea, truly inspiring.

DESIGN: Japan x The Shakujii Y House.

No stone was left unturned when designing this house I swear. From the mirrored roof to the glass floors and the wooden, white and concrete interiors…this place is a little piece of minimal bliss. Check out all of the images of this beautiful Japanese home designed by Ikeda Yukie Architects.

DESIGN: Treebark Chairs x Di Corte x Resign

These wonderfully crafted chairs were born from the creative minds of Andrea Magnani, Giovanni Delvecchio and Elisabetta Amatori of the agency Resign. These chairs are absolutely stunning – so simple and smart.

DESIGN: Bike Racks in the Sky x Manifesto Architecture

These racks were designed specifically for the city of Seoul by New York based Manifesto Architecture.