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Three: Fall Hideouts in Paris

It’s me again y’all. I vaguely recall making an introduction a while back, but instead of digging it up again: Luvina, 24, American Expat living in Paris. I’ll be writing about Paris things for the most part, but also some politics and whatever the hell else I feel like talking about. Onward? Around mid-August to...

Paris Fashion Week

So fashion week just ended, and I think I might still be drunk. I’m not actually into “fashion” but I do love a good party.  So I spent the week club/bar hopping, armed with several bottles of Jameson and wearing dangerously high heels.  I snapped a few photos here and there, but unless you’re Olivier...

Onion Soup in Le Marais

Last week (or maybe the week before) I met up with Rachael, a fellow New Yorker and a friend of Antwan’s.  After a fruitless search of the vintage shops in Le Marais, we had a late lunch on the terrace at Le Pave. She went for the onion soup I ha fries and a whiskey...

Tunez: Unreleased M.I.A./Diplo Demo

Leaked Thursday via Diplo’s twitter. “a lost/new/crazy song i did with @_M_I_A_ -this is only demo… i might leak the real version if u guys want…its classic mia vibe all u apathetic shitheadz“ 4thepeopleontheboat – M.I.A./ Diplo xx Luvina

David Lynch- The Alphabet (1968)

To celebrate the new school year I thought I’d post something didactic. Here’s David Lynch’s 1968 interpretation of the alphabet. xx Luvina

Brigitte – Ma Benz

Ma Benz is actually a 1998 song by the French rap group NTM (Short for “Nique Ta Mère”, literally “fuck your mother”). This version is slow and seductive, nothing like the original.  I can’t stop listening to it. The video features sequins and a dancing half naked Grandma, you’re sold. Visit Brigitte’s myspace to listen...

I’m New Here: Paris Edition

Antwan wants me to introduce myself before I start clogging up his blog with my nonsense. So HI, I’m Luvina, a 22 year old suburban malcontent turned New Yorker turned Parisian.  I moved to France from Brooklyn about a year ago, and I’ve been bitching about it ever since.  I’ll post mostly about film and...

Martin Scorsese for Chanel

A couple of days ago, Chanel  released their new promo for Bleu de Chanel. The spot is directed by Scorsese and stars one of the only things I like about France, Gaspard Ulliel.  Mmm. xx Luvina