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Beantown Chronicles: club chunes.

never gets old. -Jaycee.


Things are starting to look bleek out here. I hate it when the seasons change. Bout to take my ass to Compton. PS: My apologies if the sizing is fucked up guys (and by guys I mean Antwan). -Jaycee. [i fixed it. -antwan]

The Beantown Chronicles.

Hiya guys. It’s Jaycee, finally out of the woodworks. Between working, studying and interning I hardly have time to post, or sleep for that matter. But I always have time for a burrito and a party Me and the homies had a chill day, hitting up Boloco. Never heard of it? It’s like Boston’s version...

You on the C train?


No denim on my seats baby…you gon’ need a towel.

So like remember that one time when Kanye said there was no rap music good enough to play in his apartment because it was "too nice"? My first that was, damn way to bite the hand that feeds you Yeezy. But then I thought about it once more....and it occurred to me that I didn't...