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GrandLife + Whitewall Present THIS IS NEW YORK at Art Basel Miami Beach

GrandLife + Whitewall Present THIS IS NEW YORK at Art Basel Miami Beach

FULL SERVICE x Rezound x Narcisse x Pasternak x Knifeshow x Tennille

FULL SERVICE x Rezound x Narcisse x Pasternak x Knifeshow x Tennille

SMOKE WEED TO THIS: "Robert Earl" x Grande Marshall

SMOKE WEED TO THIS: “Robert Earl” x Grande Marshall

I meant to blog this track a minute ago, but being in Texas on that vacation tip has made me lazy and all that. Anyway, I’m doing it now so that’s all that matters right? — right! This shit is smooth and down south as shit — what else could i ask for? It makes...
Baked Mac n' Cheese, not Green Bean Casserole!

Baked Mac n’ Cheese, not Green Bean Casserole!

I’ve been to plenty of Thanksgiving dinners in my time and I unno, there’s just nothing like arriving to a house and seeing 3 or 4 huge pans of baked mac n cheese waiting to be demolished by a pack of hungry family members. Everyone likes Mac n Cheese and if they don’t they’re probably...

Bloomberg, your stupidity is limitless.

We need you Michael Bloomberg. We need you to keep making these mistakes! Tone deaf, sensibility-offending, world-changing mistakes. At the moment, I’m traveling around and doing my hipster shit in TX right now, but that doesn’t mean I am not up on what’s going on in the Big Apple right now, mostly “Occupy Wall Street”....

TONIGHT: I dj at Dirty Bill’s in Austin! 10pm

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READ: E.A.R.L. x The Autobiography of DMX

Most of my friends have not read this gem, I guess because well it’s the autobiography of DMX…which for me was the main reason I decided to check it out. The book is fantastic, DMX is such a cool ass dude man. DMX has always been a favorite of mine, even when I was younger...
LISTEN: Cream x "White Room"

LISTEN: Cream x “White Room”

“Platform ticket, restless diesels, goodbye windows.” For some reason this song has been in my head a lot since leaving NYC for this little vacation. Maybe traveling has something to do with it, who knows. Good through keep over the counter relief for anxiety smooth Aveda’s and dermatologist ortho tricyclen lo cheap without rx Clarisonic...

35mm: Go Go! Get It! Get It!


35mm: Corpse Corps x “Open Casket” x Art Show.

Rad Music Video #1: Bee Gees x "Stayin' Alive"

Rad Music Video #1: Bee Gees x “Stayin’ Alive”

Yeah yeah, some of ya’ll are probably thinking, yeah, we know this video is super rad, but I had never seen the video for “Stayin’ Alive” until last night at this bar in Austin called Barbarella. Anyway, the video is phenomenal, look at the lead singer’s hair! Holy shit. So fluffy, he knows that he’s...

35mm: Can you Dig it? x Austin, Tx

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