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TUNEZ: Stupid Hoe x Nicki Minaj  (screenshots)

TUNEZ: Stupid Hoe x Nicki Minaj (screenshots)

Sup yall, I haven’t really been around much as of late, been on my vacation steez, but I’m back and plan to post a lot like old times. blah, blah. I saw that Nicki Minaj debuted a new video so of course I had to watch it and see what all the hype was about....
Editorial Lust: Nuit Blanche x Jalouse

Editorial Lust: Nuit Blanche x Jalouse

So little and petite with a great face, I love the simplicity of this shoot — just a girl playing dress up. date: ??? model(s): Anja Konstantinova photographer: So Me
Editorial Lust: Chameleon Mix x Dazed & Confused

Editorial Lust: Chameleon Mix x Dazed & Confused

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THAT’S RAD: Marcus Gaab x Photographer

These images are from a shoot titled “Pink Pages” which he shot for I Love You Magazine no. 5. I love this set. I’m not sure why I like it so much, but what I do know is that it’s perfect. That shade of pink is grand. Marcus Gaab is a native of Germany (1970)...
THAT'S RAD: Kevin Munoz x Graphic Designer/Artist

THAT’S RAD: Kevin Munoz x Graphic Designer/Artist

I met Kevin Munoz during my time in Austin, Texas this past month. I was with Ian and we were looking for the wine that was at the opening, typical. Anyway, Kevin was there, we talked a little about random shit, crackin’ jokes and such and he gave me his card. I checked it out,...

Full Service x 4 Year Anniversary x photos

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surprise visits.

Lighting smoke bombs indoor isn’t that bad, except that they kinda smell like shit. But they are fun, so I say do it — but only under the adult supervision. Yeah, gotta cover myself so no idiots claim I convinced them to do anything. lol. Georgia has been restoring this bike for sometime now. Ken!...

road trips is the shit.

  Ken and I are on a little road trip. We have been traveling since the end of Art Basel Miami Beach and headed to ??? I can’t tell you because I don’t want you all in my business. Above are Georgia and Roxanne. We lit smoke bombs in this warehouse. It was fun! Me...
Smoke Bombs: a spike lee joint (video)

Smoke Bombs: a spike lee joint (video)

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Video: Pos-T-Vac

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Welcome to MIAMI: Rick Ross x Jonathan Mannion x Reebok x Milk Studios

Welcome to MIAMI: Rick Ross x Jonathan Mannion x Reebok x Milk Studios

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It Happened in Miami: Pool Story

                          Models: Drew, Aaron, Gabe, Hunter, Sam Photographer: Antwan Duncan 2011