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Megan Fox x Rafael Nadal x Emporio Armani

Okay I know sex sells, but damn, this might be a little TOO sexy. Rafael Nadal, tennis extraordinaire, teams up with Megan Fox, the face of Armani cosmetics to create a pretty hot ad campaign. Maybe even a rival to the Eva Mendes Calvin Klein ads? Hmm…nah. There’s no way Megan Fox is as hot...
Editorial Lust: Manifest Destiny x American Vogue

Editorial Lust: Manifest Destiny x American Vogue

Arizona Muse has got me in a trance…What can I even say about this model that her eyebrows aren’t already saying?! I love her look and the way she commands each image she’s featured in and this editorial is no different. Shot by photographer Peter Lindbergh and styled by Tonne Goodman, Vogue US hit the...

Venus, you play too much…

Venus Williams at the 2011 Australian Open 01.19.2011 You old jokester you, take that mess off! Haha. I love a good prank, who was the joke on Venus? Such a funny girl… That is unless you were being serious…because if you were–I’m upset with you. BUT I know you were playin’ so no worries here..Who...

Ryan McGinley shoots Club Monaco

Donald Cumming and Tali Lennox (pictured above) Ryan McGinley was chosen to shoot the Club Monaco Spring/Summer ad campaign. I like the whole photo booth approach he took. Ha.  Other faces besides the two above will be Lauren Hutton, Lou Doillon, Rachel Chandler, Brandee Brown, Domino Kirke, and Jade Berreau (mother of the late Dash...

Photographer I Love: Stephen Gill

I don’t particularly remember how I came across the work of talented U.K. born photographer Stephen Gill, but I’m sure as hell glad I did. Though all of the work in the his portfolio is interesting and truly intriguing, the work in his series called “Outside In” is what really left me speechless.

cool kids.

Me (on the right) and my partner in crime, Chris a.k.a. RadonWolf. Dang my teeth are WHITE! credit: CivicThreads. — i love a lady that’s handy with a disposable. -antwan

Fashion: Yves Saint Laurent x Pre-Fall x 2011

Standing true to form, YSL of course rises to the top like the froth of a cappuccino! Corny, but who cares this —-this is boss bawse. And take a look at the bronze/brown detailing on the tip of that shoe, yessss.

Fashion: Alexander McQueen x Pre-Fall x 2011

all the pretty girls #5: Jourdan Dunn

all the pretty girls #5: Jourdan Dunn

I mean, do I even need to say anything about this supreme cutie! like oh man, Jourdan is seriously perfect. Perfect skin, perfect teeth, perfect smile, perfect lips, “all perfect everything”.
Cat Vet x tape release party x philly

Cat Vet x tape release party x philly

ART: Joe Bradley: Human Form x CANADA Gallery x Opening

ART: Joe Bradley: Human Form x CANADA Gallery x Opening

I attended the Joe Bradley opening for “Human Form” at CANADA last week with my friend Alberto. The pieces are larger than life as evidenced in the above photo. CANADA is a supremely beautiful gallery space, I plan to take a special someone there sometime soon.. Everyone in attendance seemed pretty nice and some were...