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When Kesh Invites You to WestGay, You go to WestGay.

When Kesh Invites You to WestGay, You go to WestGay.

  Kesh was in town (NYC) a few weeks ago promoting her collaborative collection with American Apparel and of course I was stoked because it meant I got to see my girl — it had been too long. Anyway, Kesh calls me up a the night of her set asking for headphones, mind you, I...

TUNEZ: Wild Nothing + Ke$ha

Wild Nothing: Vultures Like Lovers My love for Wild Nothing is immense. The shoe-gaze solo project of Virginia-born Jack Tatum has had a long term love affair with nostalgia, and I couldn’t be happier for it. His debut LP, Gemini, is full of care-free, dreamy synth-laden jangle-pop along with all the romanticism and hopeful lingering...

late night eats at Veselka

Nothing takes away the empty feeling in the bottom of your belly created by all the free booze you just drank for 4 or 5 hours like the sweet sweet taste of oral victory that is Veselka. Cot damn, I love this place and whenever I am hungry late night it is all I want...

because Kesh and Doug are dear to me.

those two nerds move away to chicago and i miss them. do i have to say anythin else? i went to the party and danced my ass off and partied it up with those too nerds unil my thighs were sore..the pictures below are just a few of the photos from that night. there were...

kesh & doug move to chicago – a party, pt. 2


kesh & doug move to chicago – a party, pt. 1


What happened last night?!

Oh man. I’m so sore from last night, like ridiculously sore. Haha. I danced more than I have in a really long time. Straight up cardio status. haha. All over the ground with camera in hand. haha. I ripped my own necklace off and Kesh found it and then she opted to hold my wallet... updates and stuff.

Oh man! I made so many updates last night. I can’t sleep at all. Currently I am watching Roseanne and have not even a morsel of fatigue within me. Roseanne is hilarious! I don’t know why. Click the photos below to check out the updates I mentioned. Also, tell me what you think! Please! I...