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35mm photos: Deemehlow x Phi Unit x Nire x Jordan Rothlein x KnifeShow at Tandem

FULL SERVICE x Tandem: 35mm from last month


Full Service @ Tandem x Friday the 13th


This Friday Get Ready For “FULL SERVICE” at Tandem! (5/13/2011)

Sup yall. I haven’t hosted/photographed a party in an official capacity in quite sometime now…like 2 or 3 years actually so I’m actually pretty excited to get back in it. So yeah, BUSHWICK, where you at this Friday, cuz I know for damn sure this is where I’ll be dancin’ my ass off! Haha. As...

Brunch in Bushwick

So a few weeks ago, on our way to the Zac Posen show (so dope!!!), we stopped at this place, Tandem, for brunch (3pm, lol). It’s somewhere off the Jefferson L stop in Bushwick. It’s pretty unassuming, looks more like a garage from the outside than anything else. If you’re around, you should def check...