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Written by: Elena Parasco On Sunday October 2nd, I finally went to see what was going on at “Occupy Wall St”. Listening to the radio while working in artists studios during the week barely informed me on what was really going on, and word of mouth stories from friends who ventured to the large protest...

A video collection of FIGHTS at DENNY’s restaurants.

I mean, I know DENNY’s isn’t the classiest place on earth, but damn, the fact that there are so many ridiculous fights happening so often in these restaurants warranted a post about it. This sh*t is crazy!!! 1. this is by far the most epic fight in a DENNY’s on the internet. I mean, these...

Ridiculous: The TSA don’t give a fuck about ya “piss bag”!

61-year-old Thomas Sawyer, was left covered in his own piss on November 7 after the TSA left him completely humiliated on his way to a wedding in Orlando, Florida. The special education teacher of Lansing, Michigan is a bladder cancer survivor and as a result wears a urostomy bag to collect urine from his stoma....

Hellz x Baby-G x 1Oak party! 9.22.2010


what i would have worn today if i had the money – May 19, 2010

t-shirt by: Dorothea Gundtoft + cardigan by – What Goes Around Comes Around + jeans by – Ksubi + socks by – Happy Socks + sneakers by- SUPRA + duffel bag by – Marc Jacobs later nerds, Antwan

The other day I watched “Twilight” and took screen caps.

i'm still eating.

i like grits and eggs, a lot. the other night mel and i ate at the diner a block away from my house. these photos are the result. later nerds, antwan.

There Will Be Blood in the Bank of America.

Today was an all together good day. I had a lot on my mind which I wont get into, but I managed to keep it all bottled up and enjoy myself. I woke up somewhat early and at first just shuffled around the apartment for a little…then I took a walk to Lorimer and Metropolitan...