comedownI took some MDMA a few hours ago and now I’m having the inevitable come-down that I signed up for when I made the (correct) decision to mess around with some substances. It feels like I’m a robot, and typing is the only thing distracting me from that Dementor-friendly soul evaporation process. All I want to do is wear my childhood retainers to prevent myself from chewing off my lips and maybe apply for a lung transfer as a result of the 20+ cigarettes I smoked over the course of six hours (why did I have to buy menthols?).

The comedown caveat is a necessary part of taking drugs, though. It puts you in check and teaches you that there’s a reason you can’t be out all night with bicycle wheel-sized pupils on a regular basis. The headaches and acerbic anxiety can be rough, but sometimes the afterglow is beautiful and even sexy in a way. There’s a general ethereal feeling that could best be described as hypnogogic while the chemicals leave your body, along with your bank of serotonin. Some of the best sex I’ve ever had was between the hours of 4 and 8am after a night of drug-fueled partying. The dreaminess made everything a little bit more intimate.

In those moments, the drugs had mostly (though not entirely) worn off, my group of friends had dispersed, and it was just me and a girl hanging in my room with dim lights, a few joints and some Haribo Gummies — a comedown must. The most vital factor of a comedown success (sucsex?), though, was the soundtrack playing from my cheap and bass-heavy computer speakers.

The sexy comedown playlist can be a tricky – there are obvious choices like the perpetually drugged out styling of artists like The Weeknd or the melancholic pensiveness of How To Dress Well, Jeremih and even Drake. Then there are choices that are just whoa too cheesy like James Blake, Devendra Banhart and the crooner types. These heartrenders must be avoided at all costs – it turns the ambience from lush to mushy and downright depressing. The perfect playlist requires a balance between forlorn and groovy. Tranquil without being too tranquilized. The songs can’t scream let’s hold each other and melt, but still need to masterfully dictate the rhythm of you and your sweaty partner embracing in an attempt to re-capture the orgasmic bliss you were feeling only hours before.

I’ve made a playlist of some favorite tunes of the past few years that could be ideal for those nights where you’re fortunate enough to find yourself alone with a partner after a long night of partying. You might not be able to come, but this mix could certainly lubricate your ears. Happy comedown.

Some extras that couldn’t be found on Spotify:

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