Sighs, the days of being a celebrity on a magazine cover and not having your fan base find the untouched, non-airbrushed photos of you looking like an average individual are far gone…and I’m glad because some of these “before and after” GIFS are funny as hell…

<——— especially this one of the snow llama dude from Twilight….

Katie Couric definitely “tried it” hard when
she approved this photo shop slim down.. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

And apparently her new talk show “Katie” isn’t headed toward the path of hard hitting journalism like she’d like it to, but instead toward a much more gossip-y white lady version of Wendy Williams…hmm..not sure if it’ll be as bad as she imagines…just think, we’ll have people chanting “GO TO OPRAH” faster than you can suck the cream from a fresh donut.
but who cares really? exactly.

anyway, back to the plastics below

katy perry before and after
on the internet you can be as old as the liquify tool can make you…

^^ i have never even seen this woman before…

check out all the other GIFs too via

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