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I went to Detroit & Ypsilanti for two weeks and took more photos than my iPhone’s 16 gb capacity could accomodate…and more than I was willing to upload to my instagram  and facebook too. Soo here they are. A buncha selfie’s, random Detroit ruin, friends, strangers, food, and yea, you get the picture — no pun, but no really though, I plan to just dump a ton of dope shit here. haha.

All the 35mm stuff will go on FORCESKIN.

Oh crap, I discovered SnapChat on this trip…if you know, you know, if you don’t — get involved.

here we go:

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One of the last times I will see those beautiful frames…sighs…

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I promise not to hold back. lol. Even the embarrassing stuff like this…

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I actually despise photos like this for the most part. I actually think it’s pretty insane to think that many professional photographers would even include something like this in their portfolios…the nerve.

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no idea why my tongue is always out! bad.

antwan, antwan duncan, silly, tongue out, pot leaf, weed tee, brooklyn, photographer, detroit, ypsilanti, black guys, black dude, braided dreads, braided dreads natural hair,

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I forget the name of this place, but this salad was amazing and like 5 bucks! Huge. I took most of it home. This bar/restaurant was pretty much empty at lunch time.

detroit, nice car, corvette, sports car, dude in shorts, dude in black shorts, white people, black corvette, black sports car, white people are crazy

lol, it was FREEZING and snowing/sleeting/wet slushing from the sky and this dude is in the streets…in a t-shirt and shorts…I can’t.

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true? – 488 Selden St, Detroit, MI 48201

Old milwaukee 40 oz, 40s, honest john's detroit, honest johns drinks, good drink prices, good food, michigan bars, detroit bars,

40 oz of Old Milwaukee for all the hardcore folks!

odouls, odouls amber, honest johns, non alcoholic beers,

O’douls Amber for the lames.


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Me and Meg doing normal people stuff in downtown Detroit. I managed to keep my tongue in this time!


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“Nothing Stops Detroit”

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My mom worrying about me and Alberto showing me some love.

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the start of my SnapChat addiction.

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gross feet, gross foot, meg, twins, black toe nails, polish

Meg’s gross foot.