_MG_8301- hoodbyair

Hood by Air took everyone by surprise with a bold runway show for New York Fashion Week at Milk Studios yesterday.  I showed up with my dude Caleb just in time to catch some dope a$$, rachet a$$, trill a$$ backstage footage (see what I shot for BULLETT Magazine here) — I’m talkin’ nails did, hair did, everything done did.

I loved all the leather pieces and I especially love how the looks were paired with such sole heavy and bulky boots — Shanye Oliver, the collections designer, uses such  boots as a staple in his daily look and pulls it off like literally no one else. So dope.

The video projections, the amazing music, the smoke machine all set the scene for a very forward and future show.

Sidenote: The smoke machine killed the perfect shot I had of A$ap Rocky as he walked the runway – cameras do NOT like smoke machines!

+++ Pho+os below +++


_MG_8057-hoodbyairHe’s got UTAH tattooed on his knuckles, but he’s not from the Midwest though.

_MG_8072-hoodbyairNever wanted glitter on my nails more before seeing this! So sick!

_MG_8077-hoodbyairBoychild gettin’ done up.

_MG_8111-hoodbyairTaejahn Taylor

_MG_8143-hoodbyairthe look.









_MG_8334-hoodbyairboyChild givin’ life.



_MG_8381-hoodbyairthat’s A$ap in the white hat in sneaks…damn smoke machine…

Later kids,