Cover Photographer//Yves Borgwardt

Œ Magazine: proving that the printed word– or, in this case, the printed image– isn’t going down without a fight.



IMAGES COURTESY OF ΠMagazine (credits below)

In this special edition of Editorial Lust, I would like to introduce ΠMagazine. Πis an independent fashion magazine based out of Berlin, which aims to provide a window into the dynamic and experimental world of Berlin fashion by showcasing exclusively German, and typically Berlin-based, designers.

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting the Œ Fashion Director, Rainer Metz and publisher, Arne Eberle when I was viewing the LAURENCEAIRLINE collection in the COLLECT showroom during Menswear Fashion Week in Paris. I was in Paris, in large part, just to DJ for the Œ Magazine party the night before, alongside my friend Vasilisa Forbes (whom you may be more familiar with as her character ‘Vee’ in Vice Magazine spoof-show Dalston Superstars #yesitsajokeVeeisFICTIONAL). At the showroom on the day following the party was actually the first opportunity I’d had to see Œ in the flesh. I was instantly completely blown away.

On first skimming, what stands out immediately is how utterly distinct the editorials are from one another and yet still manage to share some key elements: unrestrained and genuinely original styling, obvious artistic sensibility, and somehow even evokes a sense of humor and approachability through its quirky props, among them: cheeseburgers, babies, fake breasts, and what is possibly a litterbox?

As if the striking, if not brave, editorials weren’t already sufficient for setting this magazine apart from the rest, Issue 2 contains no less than 7(!) different types of paper. Each paper is specially selected to compliment a particular editorial, in order to maximize its expressive power in print. The papers vary from the traditionally glossy, to the matte finished, to even the light pink/newspaper-like. The special attention to paper selection is surprisingly effective at drawing out the different moods of the different editorials, and successfully distinguishes each of the editorials from one another in a way I have never encountered in any other print publication. This individualization enables each editorial to stand independently, rendering each worthy of appreciation as an object-in-itself.

Another distinguishing feature of Œ Magazine as a print publication is its totally unique binding; in German this type of binding is called “offene fadenheftung”, in English is called “open-thread stitching”. Open-thread stitching allows one to see intimately into the bare construction of the binding along the spine, which also has an unexpectedly colorful and glossy finish (the colors on the binding match the color-scheme of the inverted triangle found on the cover).

The imprint of the magazine makes clear that Œ “largely refrains from ‘describing’ current trends and ideas in fashion” in favor of “showing fashion by purely focusing on images”. So, in continuation with that ethos, I will refrain from describing the images I have selected from two of the editorials found in Issue 2 (And yes, it was an unnervingly difficult process to narrow it down to just two editorials!). Needless to say, despite the strength of the following images, one has not really “seen” the editorials until they have been viewed in their entirety and, of course, on just the right paper.

–Stephanie Malik

London Stockists: Beyond the Valley, Charlotte Street News, No-One

Other stockists in Europe and Japan can be found here

**Note that while there are presently no stockists in the USA, readers can order the issue directly from the Πhomepage: (shipping is 5.50 Euros).

Cover Photographer: Yves Borgwardt
Model: Ani K / Iconic Management
Styling: Saskia Schmidt
Hair&MakeUp: Gabrielle Theurer, Saskia Krause

Photographer: Robert. G. Bartholot
Models: Eva Vuillemin-Erdt, Daniel Donskoy / Izaio Models
Styling: Harald Erath
Hair&MakeUp: Harm Neitzel


Objet trouvé:
Styling and Photography: Rachel de Joode