I came across this article on the HuffingtonPost a few minutes ago and I still have chills. The first reported death occurred in Elmhurst, Queens at about 2AM when a 60 year old man reportedly fell down the stairs in the station.

The next death took place about 6 hours later on the tracks between 3rd avenue and Union Square on the L line; he was later identified as Brian O’Mara of Garden City. Sighs, why was he on the tracks?

At around 4pm a MTA worker reported a body in the tunnel on the tracks of the A line at Nostrand station.

The final death came at around 10pm when a head was seen between the subway car and the platform at the 6th Avenue station of the L train…

WHAT’S GOING ON IN NYC?! I’M KINDA SCARED FOR REAL. My prayers go out to all those that lost someone.