I meant to blog this track a minute ago, but being in Texas on that vacation tip has made me lazy and all that. Anyway, I’m doing it now so that’s all that matters right? — right!

This shit is smooth and down south as shit — what else could i ask for? It makes you just wanna roll up and drink a Colt45 and just chill. I’m obsessed with chopped and screwed anything and while this isn’t the chopped and screwed version, it still gets me to where I wanna be.

I don’t actually remember how Xavier, errm, “GrandeMarshall” and I became internet friends, but he has become one of my favorite folks on Twitter and Tumblr. He’s funny as hell and says all the shit I’d like to be saying. And he likes hood shit just as much as I do. Oh yeah and he’s got a blog too — this kid is everywhere.

We plan a meet up soon, I assume it will be filled with jokes, dranks, weed smoke and bitches and maybe some food — he seems to take photos of his food as much as I do.

Anyway, bump the track in your car, in your bathroom and if you’re the manager of a McDonald’s bump it in your restaurant — I assure you, it’ll get stuck in your head, the beat is on point.

later nerds,