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We need you Michael Bloomberg. We need you to keep making these mistakes! Tone deaf, sensibility-offending, world-changing mistakes.

At the moment, I’m traveling around and doing my hipster shit in TX right now, but that doesn’t mean I am not up on what’s going on in the Big Apple right now, mostly “Occupy Wall Street”. I sat up all night watching the NYPD raid Zuccotti Park on something like Ustream…it was terrible. I mean, I honestly didn’t understand how the city could do such a thing. The police officers, dressed like they were about to fight in some major war destroyed the property of those camped out in the park and mocked them while doing so. Ugh. Makes me sick. I was gonna write up some long winded rant about how I felt, btu then I came across this MAGICAL profound rant from Keith Olbermann and realized that I could for sure not have said it better myself. Keith makes Bloomberg look like the PUTZ he really is.

I love New York — but Bloomberg, you make me┬ánauseous. And the sheep police officers who were just “doing what they were told” — you’re disgusting.

“I’ve seen more spine in jellyfish.”

Later nerds,