I mean I feel like we’ve all been in positions of just “being a squirrel trying to get a nut”, but umm, this is a little ridiculous. Haha. I mean, this officer didn’t even try to conceal the fact that he was a New Mexico State Police Officer — muh-fucka kept his utility belt on the whole time! Haha. TAX DOLLARS AT WORK. And from this looks of it, this dude was srsly putting in some work — shit, for all I know he was doing “over-time” lol, I kid. LMAO, I almost forgot, there’s a chihuahua watching the entire act in the video, lol, if only dogs could talk…

But no foreal though, when they figure out who this dude is, I can’t wait to hear what his excuse is gonna be…”Your honor, I attempted to arrest this woman, but she was resisting — I just had to bust her back out…I’m sure you understand” or “She threatened me, so I pulled out my weapon” — or something, all valid reasons to be doing this so whatever. Lol.

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Oh lord, the world is so funny.

God bless our men in blue.

later nerds,