^ that’s Sabel ya’ll. that’s my girl right there.

Saturday I was at the Mad Decent Block Party from start until finish. I nearly died at the end as my body was ceasing to function due to heat exhaustion. If you don’t believe me, ask Igor, Mr. DrivenByBoredom, who offered to photograph me if I started to vomit in the streets… Thanks Igor, but no thanks ;) .

The party was fun as hell and like 3 times as packed as the last time. B A N A N A S. It was also hot as hell, literally. But with all the PBR and Colt 45 Malt dranks going around, it was all good. All of the performances were pretty awesome too and when Zed’s Dead dropped the “Here Comes The Boom” track by DMX — I went bonkers. Recently, I have come to realize that DMX and I could probably be great friends and learn a lot from one another, don’t question it.

Maluca was on point, as always, and Gang Gang Dance really stole my heart, Lizzy is so great, a real world wonder. I can’t wait til the Philly one, enjoy yall.

That’s Lizzy in the middle, Maluca to the right.

Maluca Mala doh play no games.

Trouble Andrew always has the dopest gear — lemme get that hat son.

DJ Sega! Yes, Yes, Yes, winning all day. WIN.

This is Raul Lopez, can’t nobody tell him nothin’. for some reason seeing him always get’s me hella excited! Big things! (http://www.luarzepol.com/)

sup Oscar — so about that hat… ;)   lemme borrow it.