So I mean, I know “times is rough” and all that stuff, so ladies, you know have NO EXCUSE to be broke this summer.

This place is hiring NOW.

1. You get to work in Queens so like no many of your friends will actually see you dancing, so like, no embarrassment there.

2. You can hook up with ppl if you want without having to worry about seeing them on Bedford Ave. which is a def plus I’m sure.

3. If you’re a cute hipster chick, like, I unno, maybe this will give you the leg up in some aspect…

4. You’re prolly young so this could be a learning experience for ya! :D

5. ALL RACES AND SIZES NEEDED. So fat chicks, skinny chicks with no ass and no titties this is your chance! Grab it!

6. I’ll take pictures of you gettin’ down. <3

apply by replying to the ad here: