So far this week has been somewhat of a fucking nightmare. My job has been stressful as hell, I’m still tired as shit from raging so hard during SXSW (so worth it), and I’m getting fat (as hell, but I think I’m still happy, I think).


Sighs. Complaining is so easy, damn, it sucks. Haha. Anyway, here’s some shit I’m into this week.


1. Death From Above 1979. Again, DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979! I don’t remember the last time I was this stoked about a band performing. Actually I do remember, it was when I got to see Bright Eyes perform for the first time AND when I got to see Erykah Badu perform at Good Units…talk about some heavenly experiences. OH SHIT and don’t let me forget Cam’ron’s album release party — on that HOOD shit. Haha. Sorry for the tangent, back to DFA1979. The show was fucking bananas, I have the sickest polaroids from it, which I ‘ll be scanning soon…and also, I photographed it for Interview Magazine. That night was a dream come true. Kids tore down the fences surrounding the venue to get in, cops came atop horseback and corralled em (like sheep, lmao) and then they tased and maced em, awful. Ha, I was pined to the front of the stage by the rushing crowd all the while screaming the lyrics at the top of my lungs. i’m getting chills just thinking about it. Sebastien has some fucking pipes on him and Jesse can rip the hell out of a guitar.



See more of the coverage I did on Interview Magazine!



2. I like the fact that the lil baby on the cover of Biggie’s album was found. Haha. I unno, I’m not really a Biggie fan or anything, but I think that this is a heartwarming lil’ tidbit goin’ on in the news…sadly, the dude only got $150.00 for it — LOL. Ni99a got hosed! I mean, I guess it’s pretty obvious his momma wasn’t a businesswoman like my girl Cadillac Kimberly. Lol. Damn I love that ho. haha. <3

image via Yahoo Music.



3. I don’t know how this small obsession started but I’m really feeling all things studded now. Ha. At SXSW I studded a pair of Converse, then I spent an hour and a half studding another pair while taking pictures and chillin’ in the gifting suite. The only problem I see with studding things/wearing studded things is that it attracts attention and TALKERS! Random ass people come up to me now, more so than ever and just wanna talk about my fuckin’ shoes. It’s like, no they weren’t expensive, no I’m not famous and NO this does not mean I’m in a band. Lol, they’re just shoes folks, keep it movin’.



Oh you mad cuz I’m STYLIN’ ON YOU!



4. I love polaroid cameras, everyone knows this, but there is just something about the original polaroid camera (I consider the polaroid 600 to be the original) that i just love. The boxy shape, the way the film pops out, everything. While thirsting with Ian (yeah we’re hipsters) in Austin we cam across a pack of film and a polaroid camera — each worked, WOOT! We took photos of one another with it and then later that night I shot images of DFA1979 with it. In love with it now, like the way a momma loves a baby. Weird, but only God can judge me. :)


Here’s a picture of me and Ian in TX.



Later nerds, I’ve missed you.