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Ha, I love the big fuss people make over music videos and television these days. It’s like parents don’t have the ability to really talk to their kids about the serious stuff going on in the world and heck, even at home (i.e. divorce rates, domestic violence) so instead they take the time to complain about networks allowing “filth” on the television. Sighs, sucha a tired tired story. Parents of today just seem to have no backbone at all — I mean, if you don’t want your kids to watch racy stuff on t.v., like the Rihanna S&M video, then don’t let them. Stop being so nonchalant about what you ask of your children and actually enforce it. My mom had NO problem making sure my brother and I weren’t watching some of the raunchy crap that was on television when we were younger, hell, we weren’t even allowed to watch the Simpsons for years because Bart cussed all the time, haha.

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I mean, me personally, I don’t think this video is that racy, Rihanna isn’t even naked! She was naked the whole time in Umbrella and nobody said shit about that. I guess in this video she is suckin’ on bananas and whippin’ on fat ladies and tied up dudes and even walking the fame monster himself on a leash..but like, give it a rest, I’m pretty sure your kids have seen this kinda stuff before just walking thru a Duane Reade or a convenience store..It’s bondage wear, explain it to em versus hide it from them, I swear your kids will turn out a helluva lot more well rounded.

Anyway, the video is posted underneath here, so enjoy it, if you’re allowed to, haha, I hear this video is SO RACY it’s been banned in 11 countries…TABOO!

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I mean who even cares about the video anyway, the way more pertinent question to be asked is if the song is even worth a listen…I vote no, though there are some nice quotables…

later nerds,