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Avant – “Separated”

You can’t tell me that you weren’t into this track when it first came out…because if you say you weren’t I know you’re lying. Haha, Avant sittin’ in a car, singin’ with sunglasses on = CLASSIC! Or better, him singing on the steps with that brown leather vest suit on! #SWAG! Haha. And this dude can sing too, I mean, he’s not my favorite or anything, but he did have some undeniably amazing tracks back in the day. I wonder what he’s up to now…


“Everytime I see you I get a bad vibe / Just thinkin’ of someone else in between your, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmmmmmm”

BONUS: Many of you have never even seen this version of “Separated” featuring Kelly Rowland…

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