Noemie Lenoir is by far one of the most attractive women I have ever had the pleasure to meet in person in the entirety of my life on this planet. Top 5, no questions asked. I remember seeing her in “Hanes Her Way” ads when I was younger and being instantly in love. That curly, wiry hair just gets me every time. She is so nice too. Her accent is to die for and when I met her one night at The Bowery Hotel, I was speechless — stammering, studdering like a fool, I mean, I had NEVER been starstruck before… Oh man, just talking about it — it’s getting hot in here.








Anyway, I just thought it necessary to share her with you all, she is too beautiful to be hogged by me.. lol, even though she is married to that soccer player Claude Makelele and I think she has a kid, (in the pic right above this)…so awesome, Claude is lucky as hell. He better hold on to her, types like her are definitely not a dime a dozen..

When was the last time you saw a girl of French and Madagacy decent? Oh, and “Madagacy” refers to ppl from Madagascar… mmph, so fine.

later nerds,