thomassawyer 61-year-old Thomas Sawyer, was left covered in his own piss on November 7 after the TSA left him completely humiliated on his way to a wedding in Orlando, Florida. The special education teacher of Lansing, Michigan is a
bladder cancer survivor and as a result wears a urostomy bag to collect urine from his stoma. At the Detroit Metropolitan Airport on that fateful Sunday the TSA workers ignored his requests to not pat down his urostomy bag and this left Thomas covered in his own urine. The pee was on his shirt and pants and the workers just pretended not to notice…

When he initially requested a private room for the “oh so necessary” pat down the workers rolled their eyes and when he attempted to explain his medical condition, they replied that “they didn’t need to know about that”…

After his pat down in the private room, he had to walk to his flight through the airport soaked in his pee and had to board the plane and wait til after take off to clean himself up…

Umm, “…”

Thomas is a much nicer/better man than I because I’m sure had this happened to me, in a public ass airport, I would have left one those motherfuckers bloody in that bitch.


It’s like if I say don’t touch my piss bag — I MEAN JUST THAT. It’s just too much. The TSA should be ashamed of themselves. This shit is getting to be tooo much and like, I know that like, it’s for our “protection” , but it seems that we def lost the “war against terrorism” because it’s left us all terrorized…by US.

I hope he sues the shit out of the TSA and wins and then goes back to the same terminal and shits on em’.

I’m sorry Thomas, people should be treated like human beings, take em to court and teach em a lesson.

later nerds,

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