edwin fry On October 13th, 73-year-old Edwin Fry of Hydro, Oklahoma was jailed after he broke into the pound where his pooch, Buddy Tough was being held for not being on a leash. Buddy was being held for a fine of $100.00, but instead of paying to get his old friend out of the slammer, he decided to ride his lawnmower over to the place and spring him — amazing! EXCEPT he got caught and was quickly taken into custody. Sighs. Even more sad than him being arrested for trying to get his dog out of the pound is the fact that while Edwin Fry was in jail, his dog was euthanized. What kinda bullshit is that?! I mean the dude is 73 years old and you’re just gonna go and kill his lil friend? So sad and cot’ damn ridiculous. Like, where is the fucking justice? I mean I know he was wrong for breaking into the pound, but did he deserve to have his dog killed? What year is this? Like, do we live in the U.S.A.? I mean the place he’s from, Hydro, Oklahoma has only like 1000 people livin’ there according to the 2003 census and not one of em seems to have a problem with this. NOt one protester, NOTHING! Yuck. Sighs, I hope he files a civil suit against the city! Can’t be killin’ nobodies damn dog for some bullshit. Someone please take his case pro bono and show those fools what’s up. If you’re on Twitter, tweet this to an attorney. I plan to tweet it to at least 10 of em. Ugh. Later nerds, antwan [no that's not Buddy Tough, Edwin's dog in the photo.]