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i unno, somebody (prolly a horny ass dude) is lookin’ for big booty bitches in east harlem and he needs yall asses to be available tomorrow. he sounds like an ambitious man, so i thought i’d post this to help him out a little bit and show this to some of the big booty hos i know.. (@judnikki on twitter)! so hit him up with pics and ya number.. — LOL!

lol, there is a single money sign so like i assume that means you will be “compensated” in some way…maybe a lil spendin’ money to getcha self a burger or somethin’ –maybe a lunch special some place nice..

here are three images that came up after a google image search of “big booty female”:

1. appropriate and on point, this is in fact a big booty.
2. just whoa.

3. completely inappropriate, but below i will put a photo of her mother who goes by “Big Booty Yum Yum” on Myspace.


for you lazy ho’s, here’s the address to email em..

later nerds,