Howdy, Tis Dan Au here with a tale of my weekend trip down to Chicago and my new found love for iphonegraphy. I’ve recently discovered the many camera apps that exist for the iphone and my favorites so far are ClassicINSTA, Hipstamatic, and for post processing, Film Lab and Tilt Shift Focus. Swanko Labs, a digital dark room for your photos is another app I’ve been eyeing. I discovered many of these from

In the order from which these were taken, my brother and I attended our cousin’s wedding in Michigan with a short stop in Chicago prior. Upon night time, we decided to head out for a few drinks but without any direction. In classic dérive perchance, we walked around outside our hotel in search of  our night. There were a few sports dive bars, but we were obviously in the wrong part of town for anything more exciting. We asked a passerby-er where a good bar to check out was without any real specifics, and were pointed to a “popular” bar area on Division and State St which we cabbed to. After a 5 minute walk through the various bars, we were unknowingly douchéd. We kept walking one direction and it quickly was barren, but by chance saw a few people walking towards us who looked knowledgeable. They spouted that nothing good was around here, but they themselves were heading to a better area, and invited us to join in the same direction. They were headed to their apt for a party, and after finding out the bus times had ended for the night, led us to grab a taxi to where one of the girl’s car was parked. We stopped by a liquor store for drinks, and had a great time hanging out with a bunch of interesting folks. I’m def. a fan of Chicago now. Hope to see you in NYC. ;)