Coolio got a tattoo because he was excited to be on tour with ICP — LOL, but yeah, so what.
The tattoo is a common juggalo tattoo, but Coolio’s is spelled wrong. It’s missing a “G”.

This immediately lead to TMZ, responsible for the picture above, to go off on him; What else is new.

Anyway, the tattoo is ridiculous and makes my skin crawl. Also, it was done over a sore?!?! WTF. This
shit immediately made my skin crawl, but the comments that this unfortunate open wound inspired
made me laugh harder than I have ever laughed at work. UNCONTROLLABLE LAUGHTER.

Here are the two comments about the SORE that overshadowed the entire “article”:

1. eeewww… in the crotch area of the tat…… is an open soar..Nasty! – by Kay

2. that is an open sore that the tattoo is over…if he does not get MRSA, I will be surprised, seriously. This is one of the grossest things I have ever seen.
ICP tattoos are bad enough without there being open sores, touring and touching gross ass **** in strange places all day involved.
- by Jenn
——-> the above comment is so fucking funny. like, i can’t even type right now cuz i’m laughing so damn hard!

I love laughing.

Later nerds,