This is absolutely where I will be late night on Thursday, mostly because of the awesomeness that is Aaron LaCrate, but I’m sure these other guys (girls) are cool too! Ha. If you have never been to LOVE before you srsly need to come, the BASS, the effing BASS in this place is like none other. I promise it just makes you wanna dance on some old lady real nasty and not apologize afterward. Haha. LOVE is one of the places I got my start in nightlife. I was way naive then, though I guess I am still somewhat naive now, and I had no idea about the magnitude of what I was witnessing…




& stay out waaay later than you should.

I’ll be there snappin’ pictures of yall.

later nerds,


p.s. here is the address… for copy/paste send to your friends reasons…

40 W 8th Street (8th Street & Macdougal)