[image obviously via drivenbyboredom]

this is LOL on so many levels. haha. this is a picture from the night Switch of Major Lazer played the Girls & Boys party at Webster Hall. Haha. I love to see intense grinding like this, it’s hilarious! Haha, I love that one can tell that the girl “wants it” just by reading her body language, haha, just look at her! Haha, she is in no way planning to put up a fight; She even seems to bind her own hands beneath her body as her man and/or random dude proceeds to grind on her…while she ‘s on the filthy club floor…or is that the stage? Haha, GLORIOUS. And ha, I love that the dude get even more “shine” with this photo, haha, throwin’ up dueces and stuff for the camera while he is still on the girl.

Sighs, I love grinding.

Haha, LOL on so many levels. Love it.

later nerds,